Holiday Miracles

What seemed to be the old blues funk, I found myself in a better state of mind when Halloween and Thanksgiving rolled along. Not even realizing that I became a part of a crew; a sort of small family away from family if you will. You see, my husband is a nerd and on numerous occassions his buddies would all congregate in a man cave to play Dungeons and Dragons type games but with DC/Marvel/Star Wars theme to it. It is within these long hours the wives of whom have been dubbed the "DnD Widow Society" would come together and poke fun at the men we married. We all agree it's a defnite bro-mance going on. But I don't mind it all. I simply think it's awesome that we're all military affliated. My new crew is a mixture of those currently serving in the Army and others who recently completed their duties with the service.

In short, I love my real Army Wives and thankfully we're not like the pathetic, sleezy trolls on TV.

For Halloween and Thanksgiving my new crew were a perfect substitute for family. It was amazing seeing everyone come together and bringing holiday cheer. I look forward to Christmas and New Year with them.

I was recently offered a job in a cute cafe. Not having a job since I've gotten out the Army has been one of my setbacks in life. I've always been used to working and earning my own way through life. I couldn't stand living the life of full time house wife. I felt I wasn't contributing just cooking and cleaning. My foremothers didn't fight for women's rights and equality just to be thrown all away and settle for what old school society deems appropriate for a woman. My grandmother will always be an inspiration to me. She made sure I knew how fortunate I was in being able to attend school and becoming a career woman.

In all the four years I was in the Army, I would think of my grandmother and her strength. When I was going through a terrible year when deployed in 2009 I'd think to myself "If my grandmother can bust her ass off with no formal education and be able to buy a house on her own with years of saving; I can do anything."

And here I am. An OIF veteran (still can't used to that title), an Army wife, and now a full time college student to major in Information Network Techology. I am a career woman.

It's amazing how people can lose sight of what life really is. I have broken my golden rule of never taking life for granted. Changing from negative to positive thinking really does help the soul adjust to pain.

I once again feel like I have purpose in life. And that's something I do not want to let go of.