Thoughts for the 2011 Year

I will admit that I am extremely nervous about this new year. My husband has been warning me about watching too many shows on the History Channel that discusses the end of the world of biblical catastrophic events and how our ancient ancestors had mistaken the interpretation of a certain God and angels from ancient aliens. Crazy, I know. But I can not help but feel their ancient aliens hypothesis are accurate. Otherwise, how in the world can the Egyptians, Mayans, and Incas create precise and massively ellaborate pyramids, sculptures, and carvings? And don't get me started on my thoughts about the world ending in 2012.

But I'm steering off track. Getting back to the reality. 

This year is going to be interesting. Hubby and I are going to begin a journey of becoming homeowners. I feel my life is turning for the better and can't begin to express how fortunate I am to receive such blessings. I simply have the best mother-in-law ever. She was in the right place at the right time. And hopefully, the sellers will have a heart for two married combat veterans really wanting to become homeowners.

Another major goal is finally having the wedding our dreams. Hubby and I did not have a real wedding. We had to settle with a Justice of the Peace ceremony in downtown Chicago. We couldn't afford nor had the time to plan a proper wedding ceremony for friends and family to enjoy and witness. I am praying to whatever higher being there is that I finally get the home and the wedding of my dreams. How I wish David Tutera were cloned to plan a wedding for me.

After four years of the military and practically living out a duffle bag, I am severely craving a stable and loving home. And who knows, maybe even have a baby.