91 year old Inspiration

I recently paid a visit to fabric store for my new therapeutic sewing hobby to help me cope with stresses of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). I found an old woman walking outside alone with her walker and what seemed to me as her whole life in a dingy purse which she dragged along stubbornly.

You should see the joy and sign of relief when I asked to join her in her walk. She instantly began talking at ninety miles per hour. She shared with me her most intimate triumphs and disappointments. Her hopes and dreams of being with the man she loved for seventy-five years but died in WWII and never remarried.

After two hours of walking and listening to her whole life's story, I began to cry. I am at awe with the way our new generation is selfishly abandoning our Old Timers. They are lost souls just wanting simple company before their time is up to join loved ones in Paradise.

We as the People owe our very gratitude to our veterans and their families.

When I left my dear friend in her lonely home, I came across an idea. I will sew her a beautiful and useful walker accessory bag to help her. I plan to make one for her and several for veterans at the nearest VA hospital.

Here's my pattern that I bought to help create such items:

I can't wait to show you all the finishing products. And hope that my dear friend will allow me to photograph her.