Life Goes On Without a Second to Waste

... I've heard this saying so many times before. I live by it. Unfortunately, not many people can understand this. I've relatives who love to permanently play the victim role. I extend a hand to help but I can't help those who won't help themselves.

It's sickening watching the newer generation waste their lives in crap. I'd offer a golden ticket to lost souls trying to get out of a bad situation by joining the military to better than themselves but it's always the same fucking excuse of how something, someone, or some bullshit is holding them back. They're so dependent on and love to leech off others for shelter and money but never truly wanting to kick their own ass in earning their own way in life.

So far I've been losing relatives because of our differences in making it in the world. I was just like them at some point in my life where I was stuck and had no way out of the ghetto. I'd look at my immigrant father from Mexico busting his ass working two part time jobs with no real day off making less than minimum wage; but somehow managed to put food on the table and a roof over our heads. I put my body through hell to get into the military and help provide for my parents.

I don't just understand how this newer generation are exceedingly selfish, lack compassion for others and lack the drive to strive for a better life.

There's no use in trying to talk sense into them. I'm washing my hands and moving forward.

They are no longer my concern.